over the last 5 years i have spent a large amount of my time focusing on film and photography,  Im currently 15 years old, born in 2003, since my interest in film started i have gained pro experience and a high level of filmmaking skills, i have worked on several weddings along side a professional industry filmmaker who has 30 years of experience, i have done several corporal promotional videos including working with medical brands, fitness, products, adverts, events,  and more, last year i was flown to Scotland to work with a pro bbc filmmaker and Fiona kennedy O.B.E  on her new single. I have also worked worked with morrisons supper market through a charity and Heineken beer through a festival. Im passionate about films and currently studying film at collage and plan to move on to creating a luxury filmmaking company. I have worked with a luxury hair salon (TJK) on green screen editing and promotional footage. I have directed several music videos including a film for an up and coming musical, along side this i also directed a music video for band which received over 50k views. i have worked on many live events including a products award created by a bbc radio 2 presenter. i have experience in the film industry at a young age and im passionate about creating films. 

ABOUT -  I’m currently working as a freelance filmmaker, I have a professional attitude towards all my work, I’m currently 15, born in October 2003. For the last 5 years I have had an interest in film and promotional film, iv also had a interest in general film knowledge and directing, I’m currently studying film studies. Over the last 5 years I have gained pro experiences in film and adverts, I have worked with several highly professional talented filmmakers that have been in the industry for over 20 years, as well as this I have been flown abroad to work with company’s and work with pro bbc filmmakers. I have filmed weddings, live events, corporal company videos, brands, music videos, products, fitness, health and many more. The biggest difference with me is the price, your looking at thousands for a production company or pro filmmaker to create you a music video or other content, because of my age and level I’m much cheaper than that, but that dose not mean you getting anything less good, sure if you hire a team your getting 5 people come in with huge cameras and sets, with me its more simple, I shoot in 4k using high quality expensive cameras that professionals use, check my gear page for info. The way I work is in a creative way, while working with me along the way I will be adding creative ideas to make you video look different and stand out. My family is all in the media industry which helps with opportunity’s, my mum was a singer and is now working as a bbc 2 radio presenter for the Steve wright show, my dad was a musician and created loads of pieces for movies and tv shows including harry potter. My brother studies film production at university. I have a professional attitude towards the work I do and the brand, read through my testimonials for more info, if you have any other questions about how I work or anything in general contact me, if you want work done simply email me or contact me through instgram and ill get back to you, thanks

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